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We Built A Fire

by sarco_builders

Assuming you want to build a long burning, hot fire; you start with small, dry, and quick burning kindling, add twigs, small branches, then logs. Using this principal as a guide; the Sarcophagus builders have employed several different on-chain mechanisms to help assure a rational and easily measurable network launch.


100,000,000 $SARCO minted

Stablecoin liquidity mining started with 1,000,000 $SARCO

20,000,0000 $SARCO sent to on-chain builders vesting contract


DAO Launched - 79,000,000 $SARCO transferred to DAO. - Treasury only controllable by on-chain vote.


  • UNI-LP Farming
    • Allocation: 2,500,000 $SARCO proportional linear emission over 1 year.
    • Requires DAO vote to fund contract.


  • Embalmer Use Incentives
    • Allocation: 2,500,000 $SARCO
    • Distribution specifics TBD
    • dApp used based, goal of net zero cost of use for testing. Ex. Total user spend including ETH gas and $SARCO should equal rewards.
    • Requires DAO vote to fund contract.
  • Archaeologist Bonding Incentives
    • 17,000,000 $SARCO distributed based on bonded $SARCO in archaeologist servers. Linear emission over the course of one year.
    • Requires DAO vote to fund contract.

The kindling ignites the twigs, the twigs get the branches burning, etc.