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BTC Miami Resurrection Game

by sarco_builders

As many in the crypto world descend on Miami for the annual lambo moon pilgrimage, the Sarcophagus builders would like to honor the return to Mecca with a simple resurrection game.

Sarcophagus was built with an option for public disclosure of secrets; so we’ve decided to use that option to give away 1k $SARCO tokens to the first person/bot/DAO to sweep the account when the sarcophagus is resurrected.


  1. A seed phrase was generated via https://iancoleman.io/bip39/

  2. 1k $SARCO was sent to the game wallet: https://etherscan.io/address/0x95fd416374e31885115133Db3c17146Ec6BD67c7

  3. The game wallet seed phrase was placed into a .txt file and a sarcophagus was created containing this file.

  4. The resurrection time (when the recipient’s private key will be able to download the file) was set for 6/5/21 at 7pm EST.

  5. The private key of the (zero value) recipient wallet is posted publicly: https://app.sarcophagus.io/#/resurrection?recipientPrivateKey=0x1d42fdeb80ffdfa399ca99a7546b63656df601eb3ea5629fe55fe7d415766abc

  6. The game is started and the first user to sweep the seed phrase that is inside of the sarcophagus after is has been resurrected keeps the holdings.