Archaeologist Grant Program

In an effort to further decentralize and democratize Sarcophagus, 50 equal sized grants of SARCO ERC20 tokens will be given away to operators of nodes in existing proof-of-stake networks. These 50 grants will equal 2% of the total (fixed) token supply.

These grants can be used to spin up Archaeologist servers, wherein SARCO tokens must be bonded into the contract in order to be available to earn rewards for wrapping, unwrapping and resurrecting sarcophagi. For ~1 year (2.5m blocks) after launch, all SARCO tokens bonded in Archaeologist contracts will receive additional rewards from the network in direct proportion to their bonded token balances. You can read more about these bond-based incentives on the Incentives Page.

We have pre-selected many node operators on current networks like Tezos and PolkaDot that we believe would be a great fit to operate an Archaeologist server. To qualify for an Archaeologist grant, an organization must be listed below or accepted via application. After expressing interest and being accepted, we will send over instructions to prove node ownership on-chain.

  • Cryptium Labs
  • Nomadic Labs
  • Anonstake
  • Consensus Networks
  • Public Payments
  • Metanyx
  • Twente Baking
  • Blockdaemon
  • Bison Trails
  • ANKR
  • Figment Networks
  • Figment
  • Stake Capital
  • Wetez
  • Everstake
  • P2P Validator
  • Chorus One
  • Dune Bread

If you are a representative of one of the organizations listed above, you're already qualified and can mention that on the below application. You'll still have to prove ownership on-chain to receive the grant, but the application process will be expedited. If you are not on the above list, please submit an application with links to your current operations. Nodes that are operated by foundations or exchanges do not quality for Archaeologist grants.