Build With Sarcophagus, SDK Launch for integration with any Dapp

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The Sarcophagus team is proud to release the latest development for the project, which is an SDK for Sarcophagus. The power and ability to utilize a Dead Man’s Switch in any project or Dapp can now be made a reality. The SDK has been a vital part of the project's roadmap as both a way to help grow the project through integrations. This enables a model for the project to expand that doesn’t consist only of the native front end on the project's website.

Integrations with Web3 Projects

The most exciting part of the SDK is helping projects leverage the hard work and technology that the Sarcophagus team has put together. Expanding the use case of Sarcophagus to various facets of controlled secret sharing will help see Sarcophagus used in more creative and innovative ways. Sarcophagus will look to enabling the protocol to serve as a common good for projects and promote a modularized building platform across decentralized applications.

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Web3 Examples:

  • Security-based projects can build Dead Man’s switch-enabled safeguards into their protocols.
  • Incentivized Social Recovery is a way that removes the necessary trust and knowledge of blockchain that is required for traditional social recovery and can be built natively into web3 wallets
  • Multi-sig pass-through of confidential materials could be enabled to help DAOs or any organization manage passing information in a succinct and controlled manner

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Helping Web2-based Solutions

One exciting enablement of the SDK development is that the backend of traditional web2 businesses can also leverage a Dead Man’s switch and blockchain technology. This can help web2 business market the advantages of leveraging properties of decentralization and security, while also not requiring major changes to the front end of the web-based projects. These projects will look and feel like traditional web applications, but under the hood are powered by blockchain technology.


  • Estate Planning Lawyers can utilize their traditional web-based application with a Dead Man’s switch from Sarcophagus. This will give both the end user and the lawyer the safeguards that their information and property will be passed based on the parameters agreed upon
  • Journalistic companies that report on highly contentious or dangerous environments can build in the ability for writers to pass articles or data sources to the publishers, enabling the security and control necessary to preserve the truth being spread to the masses
  • Time capsule — Projects that want to ensure that assets can be sustained untouched for a period of time, Sarcophagus could be used to enable a dead man’s switch for as long as the end user desires (and also can extend the time of the DMS). This enables assets to be stored securely and safely in the recipient wallet until the dead man’s switch trigger goes off.

There are a plethora of use cases for Sarcophagus to be used as a building block for protocols. Integration within other projects can help them become more feature-rich, grow and sustain users, and also open up new doors on how assets and/or secrets can be transferred from one user to another.

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We Need You!

As the project grows we are looking for people to help step up and contribute to the project via various means. Reach out with skills and/or previous work to anyone in the discord marked with an Ambassador role to help get you lined up. We are especially looking at members who come from international communities to help support the growing influx of new users!

Wrap Up

Join in on the conversation, and help us build and continue to develop solutions to enable decentralization, freedom, and privacy.

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