Sarcophagus 2023 Year End Review

The Sarcophagus protocol and team have been incredibly pleased with the progress, development, and growth of the project in 2023.  Since early 2022, the goal of the team has been heads down, focused on the development of the Sarcophagus v2 protocol.  The development and challenges around building the protocol in a manner that delivers security, decentralization, and censorship resistance have been daunting at times, but by mid-2023 the team has been finally able to deliver on those promises.  2023 opened with lots of buzz about spinning up a node network system to power the decentralization aspect of the project and to help bring in new people to the ecosystem.  Those efforts have been largely successful in helping ensure that the testnet period for v2 was thorough and complete and largely due to the help of the community and contributors to the project along the way.  Mainnet launch was a breakthrough milestone as the required elements for the protocol were now live.  This was quickly followed up by launches on ETH L2's, Polygon and Arbitrum which provides the same services as on the L1, but at a much lower price due to the L2 transaction fees compared to ETH L1.  As Sarcophagus has carried through the second half of the year, the focus has shifted from development to growth and outreach.  The team has been looking at various opportunities and partnerships to help drive the usage of Sarcophagus and get the word out!

Below is a timeline of all the main events that have happened for Sarcophagus in 2023!!! Looking to build on this amazing amount of accomplishments and events in 2024!

January 2023

  • Node Kickstart Funding Proposal
    • Incentivization of 100 nodes on testnet for v2 of the Sarcophagus dApp in prep for testing and working towards mainnet launch

February 2023

  • New Member of the team
    • Welcomed Megumii, Kral01, Achiever, and Socrates as members on the team
  • Testnet is Live!
    • Sarcophagus v2 is officially live on the Goerli testnet
  • ETHDenver 2023
    • Conference presence at ETHDenver

March 2023

  • 6,600 Sarcophagi created on testnet
  • Graph Protocol integration
  • inflection.xyz community meeting to discuss the future of the DAO
  • Social Media Boom - Gained over 5,000 Discord members and just under 2,000 X/Twitter Followers

April 2023

  • Reached 7K twitter followers!
  • Listing on Dapp Radar
  • Subgraph Integration
  • 12,500 Sarcophagi created on testnet
  • Sarcophagus SDK

May 2023

  • Listed on Alchemy Dapp store
  • DAO vote for continued operations funding
  • Best Security Practices Space with Wallet Guard, Revoke Cash, Harpie.io & Candide Wallet
  • Free commemorative NFT mint on Zora in honor of the community and their hard work throughout testing!

June 2023

  • Mainnet Launch on Ethereum!
    • 6/30 is the official launch date for the smart contracts and dApp supporting v2 of Sarcophagus
  • Analytics Partnership with Slice Analytics
    • Enabling quality data and information about the project via Dune Dashboards done by the Slice Analytics team
  • Launch of new website
  • DAO vote for continued operations funding

July 2023

  • Permaweb News Article
  • New Look, Same Project
    • Updated the branding and look of Sarcophagus.  This comes as a way to help improve the visibility of the project and helpl give a more bold, yet professional touch to the project.  There are lots of elements 
  • V2 SDK released
  • Bounty posted on DeWork: video walkthrough on how to stake $SARCO and participate in governance.

August 2023

  • RareEVO Conference
    • Sarcophagus team was present with a booth at the RareEvo Conference and had a great opportunity to talk to potential end users, network with other projects, and get feedback about our project
  • Team Restructuring at Sarcophagus
    • The Ambassadors and Growth subDAOs were merged and rebranded as Pharoahs to remove administrative overhead of multiple teams and to also iron our roles and responsibilities to ensure that we deliver the premier decentralized, dead man’s switch
  • Launch of international twitter profiles, @sarcoindonesia , @sarcoindia + @sarcoturkey

September 2023

  • Bounty completed for Sarcophagus DAO Staking & Governance Voting Video Walkthrough
  • Sarcophagus + everPay
    • Selected by the everPay team and Sarcophagus was listed on their protocol

October 2023

  • Privacy is Decency: Roundtable Discussion hosted by Decent DAO with Sarcophagus, the builders from Fractal app, and Lumenproof 

November 2023

  • Live on Arbitrum
    • Expanded Sarcophagus v2 to Arbitrum as the focus to enable usage of the protocol at the lowest fees to users.
  • X Space with Nillion
  • X Space with Decent DAO and WalletGuard: Data and Asset Security

December 2023