Sarcophagus Community November 2023 Update

November has continued to see the project developing and growing as the general sentiment in blockchain is starting to change.  The builders behind the project have been head down for the past two years, to deliver a decentralized dead man's switch product on Ethereum that is now available across multiple L2 protocols. The recent launch on Arbitrum is another network that Sarcophagus is now deployed to, making it easier and more cost-effective for users to utilize the technology behind Sarcophagus. Enabling the ability to control asset transfer if a user is incapacitated or unable to manage their affairs has always been the mission. Newer features and UX enhancements are always on the mind of the team as we continue to refine the dApp, making it easier and more intuitive to use.

DAO Proposals For November

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Sarcophagus On Arbitrum

The team recently made the official announcement that the Sarcophagus protocol is now live and available on the Arbitrum network.  Take advantage of the lower transaction fees on Arbitrum to create a sarcophagus with the same features from the L1 protocol. One key thing to highlight about the deployment of Sarcophagus to other networks is that the tokenomics for the project remains the same.  Tokens can be bridged to the Arbitrum network and currently, additional nodes are being spun up to support the protocol on Arbitrum. There is a V3 pool already on Uniswap on Arbitrum, but the liquidity may be limited.

SARCO Token contract address on Arbitrum: 0x82155ab6b6c1113cfb352c7573b010a88f5974bd

For more details on running nodes across multiple networks, including Arbitrum please check out our Multi-Network Archaeologist Node Guide.  There you can learn about running a node on all the networks that we currently support.


Evolving Digital Estate Planning

One of the most obvious use cases of Sarcophagus is to leverage it as a tool to assist with estate planning of digital assets. This has been at the forefront of the team's mind and we want to highlight that the technology, and legal processes have evolved and improved over time. Sarcophagus as a protocol has the power to help enable users more security, privacy, and "staying power" as their wills and trusts can be fortified by the immutable and perpetual nature of being hosted on the blockchain. Back in 2014, the first state enacted new regulations on the handling of digital accounts, over time the realization of the importance of how much of our lives have shifted from a physical footprint to a digital one is ever more obvious.  We need the tools and technology to enable us the ability to control and securely manage how those assets are passed on.  Sarcophagus enables this.

Join Us For Our AMA With The Sarcophagus Founder


The Sarcophagus project will be hosting an AMA with our founder, Zach Hamilton via Twitter/X Spaces every other Wednesday.  This is a great opportunity to learn more about the project, ask questions, and get a sneak peek into what the builders and the team are working on.  If you have questions, we will have answers! Check our Twitter/X profile and set a reminder to not miss it!

Twitter/X Space With Wallet Guard

We got together with security experts from Wallet Guard to chat about how to improve and maintain your security in web3. If you missed the live event, catch the recording on our Twitter/X profile, or on our YouTube Channel!

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We Need You!

As the project grows we are looking for people to help step up and contribute to the project via various means. Reach out with skills and/or previous work to anyone in the Discord marked with a Pharaoh role to help get you lined up. We are especially looking at members who come from international communities to help support the growing influx of new users!

Wrap Up

Join in on the conversation, and help us build and continue to develop solutions to enable decentralization, freedom, and privacy.

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