Sarcophagus Major Network Upgrade

Sarcophagus V2 is receiving its first major upgrade since being released. This upgrade includes the following:

  • The addition of the L2 Polygon on both the node and user side.
  • Nodes can function on multiple networks simultaneously.
  • Sponsored Bundlr Transactions
  • Direct ETH / MATIC to SARCO swaps

Sarcophagus adds its First Layer 2

Sarcophagus is now available on the Polygon network. This means that users participating on the Polygon network can enjoy the decreased network fees associated with using an L2. This will be most notable when creating, attesting, or burying a sarcophagus. Network or gas fees are dependent on network congestion, but the decrease of fees on an L2 will be orders of magnitude less than on Ethereum mainnet. An example would be that fees on Ethereum mainnet could be around or greater than $15 USD for transactions around manipulating sarcophagi, but on L2 this will be roughly cents at most. This means an enormous amount of cost savings can be leveraged by any user of the protocol on Polygon.

Multi-network Nodes

Adding Polygon to the network has allowed development to focus on the node ecosystem. A node operator originally had to decide between using Testnet or Mainnet. With this upgrade, a node can function on any number of available networks concurrently. The available networks are:

  • ETH
  • Goerli Testnet (ETH) — To be deprecated
  • Sepolia Testnet (ETH)
  • Polygon (MATIC)
  • Mumbai Testnet (MATIC)

If you currently operate a node, then it is recommended that you migrate your node. The migration announcement includes a guide for current running nodes Node Migration Announcement

With that said, a user can now switch to any of these networks within their wallet and the dApp will recognize the network to use for a Sarcophagus creation.

Sponsored Bundlr Transactions

Bundlr has been fantastic as a layer 2 (Provenance Layer) for Arweave. However, the increased use of Bundlr’s mainnet and bottlenecks of Bundlr’s testnet have caused delays in funding a user’s Bundlr account. These delays can be a pain point for users and are unfortunately an externality of dApp that we can’t control. The team has now added the ability to have Bundlr payments sponsored by the DAO in the interim. If a user needs Bundlr funds and doesn’t wish to wait for their funds to hit their account this action is available.

ETH / MATIC to SARCO swaps

When creating a Sarcophagus, SARCO tokens are required to pay the nodes their fees. However, a user will not know how much SARCO is required to until the final step of creation. This means it is not uncommon for a user to have to put a Sarcophagus on hold while they get more SARCO.

Now, the final step allows users to directly swap ETH or MATIC for SARCO to cover the additional amount required to complete the Sarcophagus.


Check out the video on the new Sarcophagus functions


Wrap Up

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