Sarcophagus Monthly Update: October 2023

The tail end of October has been a busy one for the developers and the core team as everyone has been hard at work getting the protocol set up to launch the announcement of the deployment of Sarcophagus to Polygon mainnet. Core development features have been finalized and the last round of testing has just been capped off. Users can now benefit from the protocol on Polygon!  In addition, Sarcophagus marketing and growth efforts have been on fire with increased engagement across all platforms. The team is hoping to bootstrap new users into the protocol and building on Sarcophagus as the year closes

DAO Proposals for October

  • No proposals were created in the month

Polygon Mainnet is Live!


As mentioned in the opener of this update, the Polygon mainnet launch of the Sarcophagus protocol is officially live!!!!! This is a major step in helping minimize some onboarding friction with new users and leveraging the lower L2 network fees on Polygon.  Some key things that have been done are; updating node architecture to manage multiple networks from a single node, polishing up interfaces on the dApp, and pushing some new features to that make using Sarcophagus easier to onboard. The team is super excited about moving to L2’s because of the impact and savings that it will have on users. Network fees to create a sarcophagus will go down nearly 100x as the scaling costs on L2’s mean end users get the full power of the Sarcophagus protocol at a greater cost savings. All the great features that we’ve developed on the mainnet launch on ETH L1 will soon be available at a fraction of the cost. 

With this announcement be sure to check out the network upgrades post that details additional changes: Sarcophagus Major Network Upgrades 

Privacy is Decency

This month Sarcophagus was involved in a great X space along with our development partners at Decent DAO and other related projects. Working, Living, and Breathing in web3 highlights the fundamental rights and necessity of privacy in all of our lives. Listen to some of the ways and things that highlighted the importance of privacy for the speakers. They go through different methods and ways that we can take care of our privacy.

Privacy is Decency: X Space hosted by Decent DAO

Integrations and Partnerships

We’re working hard to reach out to various projects in the web3 ecosystem to help improve user experience and add additional Dead Man’s Switch capabilities to existing products. If you develop, manage, and/or participate in projects that could benefit from this utility, reach out to us and we can discuss details and ideas.

We’re interested in learning and talking with estate planning lawyers/professionals and if you are one and/or know of one who would be interested in talking, please reach out so that we can chat more!

New ‘Pharaoh’ Role in Discord

In addition to some core team restructuring over the past month, you’ll notice that all core members will have the ‘Pharaoh’ role in the Discord channel, so for any Discord help make sure you reach out to one of the team.

Community Numbers

We Need You!

As the project grows we are looking for people to help step up and contribute to the project via various means. Reach out with skills and/or previous work to anyone in the Discord marked with a Pharoah role to help get you lined up. We are especially looking at members who come from international communities to help support the growing influx of new users!

Wrap Up

Join in on the conversation, and help us build and continue to develop solutions to enable decentralization, freedom, and privacy.

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